Orico HPC-4A5U USB smart charging socket wiring board multifunction strip power strip inserted row porous 4 Socket 5 USB
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Model : HPC-4A5U
Warranty : 3 Months Sysnapse Warranty
Brand : Orico
Full Length : 2 Meter or less
Swicth : Total Control Swicth
High-power lightning protection against surgeA true smart socket(new and old versions of iteration, random delivery)Five intelligent fast chargeComparable to the original experienceIn order to allow each of your equipment to be charged at the same time and quickly, the product is equipped with a 40W high-power output. Under full load, multiple devices can be fast-charged at the same time. The single-port can reach 2.4A sufficient current output, and there is no waiting for fast charging.
High-power operationThe phone tablet is charged at the same time without pressureThe real high power of 40W, to meet the needs of a variety of appliances at the same time without overload, while the powerful power makes the module low heat, no need to worry about electrical damage caused by heat.

Easily deal with the five major surge damagesLightning protection module, automatic power-off in case of strong lightning; anti-surge protection, the maximum attraction power surge energy 1700J;? Plus care for high-end precision audio, flat-panel TV, mobile phone tablet, home computer, home appliances.01 high-end precision audio equipment, encountering power surges, noise, life expectancy is reduced or even damaged02 Fine quality screen can't face the power surge, and the picture quality is decreasing. Multiple splash screens will be retired in advance.03 mobile phones, tablets, mobile power, the frequent occurrence of large fluctuations in power surges, directly leading to a serious decline in battery life.04 Home computer, NAS external storage devices, the impact of power surges will cause serious problems such as computer jam, crash and data loss.04 Home computer, NAS external storage devices, the impact of power surges will cause serious problems such as computer jam, crash and data loss.
Synchronous rectificationEfficient conversion of low heatAmerican MPS synchronous rectification technology greatly improves the current conversion efficiency, so that the charging efficiency is greatly improved. The mobile phone is full when the time is long, and the heat is reduced, giving your equipment more intimate care.Intelligent identification deviceMore accurate chargingEach port USB is equipped with a new generation of Super Charge+ intelligent identification chip, real-time current control, which can automatically identify the current required by different devices, and fast charging and device compatibility are solved.

Single port current limitSelf-protection, protect youWhen the current is too high and the circuit heats up to a certain extent, the self-protection function can be started automatically, the circuit is cut off, and the connected device is ensured to be safe. After the connection device is removed for a short period of time, it can be automatically restored after being inserted again.One-stop power supply experienceSay goodbye to cobweb-like wiresEquipped with 5 intelligent USB high-power charging ports and 4 strong power interfaces, it can connect various life appliances, notebooks, mobile phones, tablets and other equipment, avoiding the entanglement between various data lines and solving the nowhere of charging equipment. Placement issues. Whether it is at home or in the office, it is more versatile and convenient.
Lightning protection against surges, you don’t know but it’s importantCare for smart electrical coreUninterrupted absorption of high, medium and low power surges in the power supply, nanoseconds cut off large currents instantaneously, and the research and application of lightning protection and surge protection technology in the field of power sockets eliminates more safety hazards.Extend mobile device battery lifeEffectively reduce audio noiseReduce 
screen jitter on TVs and computersMeet a good socket on the desktopDouble improvement in feel and visionThe simple and simple design allows you to scream your skin-feeling touch while pouring down your face. The integrated power plug designed with the fashion ID is not only more compact, but also more smooth to insert and pull. The overall shape, such as crafts, is on your desktop.
Sunken switchPower one button controlPC series plug-in adopts the sunken type master control switch design, which is more in front than the front, and is separated from the main body of the plug-in body, which is safe and energy-saving and effectively prevents the arc from being generated!47mm large hole spacingLarge plugs do not interfere with each otherThe AC jack is suitable for 100-240V electrical appliances. It can accept 10A high current; 
47mm hole spacing can accommodate other large plugs.

Upgrade security to a new levelSelected materials, excellent qualityEvery component has been carefully selected The PC series plug-in housing is made of ABS high-strength and full-flame flame-retardant special materials. It is built with integrated copper sheets. Each component has been carefully selected, and the flame retardant meets national standards and can withstand user inspection.Overload protectionHigh flame retardant standardWe have chosen a professional design, development and production of current overload protector suppliers, we have customized overload protectors to prevent the danger caused by overload.Use high-quality ABS+PC material to make plastic parts for the outer casing and strong electric parts. Add strong flame retardant ingredients, professional flame retardant test, high temperature to 750 ° C, in line with industry flame retardant standards


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