Dell Inspiron 15-5567 P66F001 Battery 3crh3 11.4v 42wh T2JX4 WDX0R WDXOR Li-ion
Price RM229.99
Product SKU 3CRH3
Brand DELL
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  • Durable
  • 3 Months Local Warranty from Purchase Date
  • Spare parts at great prices
  • Good quality
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Voltage 11.4V
Capacity 42Wh
Color Black
Compatible Part Numbers: 3CRH3, T2JX4, WDX0R, WDXOR
Compatible Models: Inspiron 13 5378, INS15-7560-D1545S, INS 13MF PRO-D1508TS, Ins14-7460-D1605G, INS15-7560-D1745G, Ins14-7460-D1725S, Inspiron 15 7000, Ins14-7460-D1605S, Inspiron 13 7368, Inspiron 13 5368, INS15-7560-D1505S, Ins14-7460-D1525G, INS 13MF-D2605TA, Inspiron 15 7560, VOSTRO 15-5568D-1625S, VOSTRO 15-5568D-1525L, Inspiron 14-7460, INS15-7560-D1525S, Ins 13MF-2505T, Inspiron 13 5000, VOSTRO 14-5468D-1305S, VOSTRO 15-5568D-1645L, INS 13MF PRO-D1708TS, Inspiron 15 5538, Ins14-7460-D1625S, INS 13MF-D1208TA, VOSTRO 14-5468D-1605S, INS15-7560-D1545G, VOSTRO 15-5568D-1325S, Ins14-7460-D1725G, VOSTRO 15-5568D-1745S, VOSTRO 14-5468D-2525S, VOSTRO 14-5468D-1625G, VOSTRO 15-5568D-1525S, VOSTRO 14-5468D-1525S, INS15-7560-D1645S, Ins14-7460-D1525S, INS15-7560-D1645G, VOSTRO 14-5468D-1525G, INS 13MF-D2505TA, INS 13MF-D2205TA, INS 13MF-D1508TA, INS15-7560-D1605S, INS15-7560-D1725S, Vostro 14 5468, Ins 15MF-1508TA, VOSTRO 14-5468D-1745S, 15MF PRO-1508T, Inspiron 15 5568
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1 x Dell Inspiron 15-5567 P66F001 Battery 3crh3 11.4v 42wh T2JX4 WDX0R WDXOR Li-ion

Customer Reviews
Suresh Nagalingam

Poor quality product. After installing the first attempt, the battery lasted only 1 hour. Just after 2 months, it failed completely. I rather buy a China made battery than this USED battery which the company disguised as NEW. Got cheated of my RM180. My mistake I didn't contact them earlier to arrange for a refund due to my busy schedule. This review is to ensure others don't fall prey. If you know your ethics please call me.

31 January 2020
Amzar Yasrin Ahmad Badri

Ordered a replacement battery on 31/12/2019, arrived on 16/1/2020. Wish the website update was more fast. Had to ask through whatsapp/email on updates. Good thing staff are responsive & friendly. Battery works great!

23 January 2020

good quality , good communication, fast delivery, good value for goods

28 November 2019